Shanghai Circus

Shanghai Circus (featured by Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai, celebrating 22 years in Branson) parades a new production to audiences exercising more variety than ever before witnessed. The show honors the essence of the old historic Shanghai Culture through the dynamic artists’ dazzling performances which includes but not limited to breathtaking acrobatics, colorful dance, comedy, mystifying magic, and numerous aerial feats of strength. Shanghai Circus will deliver a higher level of entertainment by combining stage LED technological innovations with exceptional artistic performances.

Experience History

The performance is dedicated to the culture of China, with most of the performers hailing from there. You will explore cultural aspect after cultural aspect, enjoying an interesting insight into the traditions of Chinese acrobatics with a dramatic interpretation of traditional stories.

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Inspirational Acts

Some of the stunts you may witness include foot juggling, yo yo tricks, chair balancing, breathtaking acrobatics numbers, mask changing, balancing, a dramatic interpretation of traditional stories, and more. As they fly across the stage with high-flying flips through the air, audience members are sure to be in awe. This is one of the best acrobatic shows in the area! 

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